Carpet Steam Cleaning

Get the results you deserve with this excellent service, and at an affordable charge. Our qualified crew of experts apply their experience and dedication to every task. but what actually sets our services apart from the rest of the enterprise is our attention to detail and receptiveness to the specific needs of every customer. We use high-powered heated steam cleaners to deep clean every carpet. We are also professionals at spot and stain removal. All our products are environmentally safe.

Refresh your carpets

You got a choice of choosing your Carpet cleaning service. Let me help you clarify why us is better. Shiny Cleaners solution use high quality product to make sure it’s safer for you and your children, pets, and the environment also. On average, We are Sure about our carpet cleaning will removes 99% of common household allergens. In other words, a Shiny Cleaners Service carpet cleaning will leave your house healthier and cleaner.

Our carpet cleaning service employs a replacement cleaning method with plight extraction. this methord is Called as “Steam carpet cleaning,” although we don’t actually use steam to scrubing. This method of cleaning provide a better result to get rid of spots, dirt, and odors without damaging your carpets. So after you need an expert carpet cleaning next time, contact Shiny Cleaners, if you are in melboune  Shiny Cleaners is the best Carpet Cleaning services near you.

High-Tech Cleaning Solution

Shiny Cleaners gives residential carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning services in Melbourne are hypoallergenic, and inexpensive.

Carpet Deodorizer

Our professional-strength carpet cleaning deodorizers neutralize odors by means of getting rid of them at their source. effective encapsulating agents work hard to provide immediately relief from odor. You get a clean, clean scent you can trust.


We use organic cleaning. The cleansing solutions we use do not give off poisonous fumes that are terrible for both your house or office and your body. you can be confident of green services when you work with us.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We only sent your professional carpet cleaners to clean your house.Our aim is your satisfaction.If you are not satisfied you can conact us.

Why you need to get carpet steam cleaning?

  • Carpets tend to become a breeding area for mold. it is a fungal growth and can have an affect on the health of the people in the residence or office. special care need to be taken when the weather is humid or moist.


  • Dust mites are also a possibility if carpets are not cleaned frequently. other insects like beetles also can be found in some cases. they’ll damage the fibers within the carpet and render it useless.


  • Cleaning them also keeps the fluffiness and the foam. The carpet material may also be harmed if this is not completed properly.

when it comes to timing the cleaning method, there are numerous factors to be considered. the placement of the carpet, the amount of visitors, and so on. decide how many times it needs to be cleaned. even though cleansing at house or in office by anyone is not a bad idea, getting it cleaned by specialists guarantees that it remains in proper condition for a long term to return.

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Lawrence Junior


“We raised four kids with my wife in that rented apartment and by the look of the carpet and walls, everything was toxic.I never thought I could get my deposit back when we vacated the apartment.I could’t believe how much Shiny Cleaners would do the place.They left it sparkling clean, and I have my deepest back. These guys are superb and kudos to them to them.”

Diana Gee


“I would like to express my appreciation for this exceptional cleaning service.This guys were polite to my ever nagging kids, and the meticulously cleaned the old house.Thanks for this great cleaning service again and again.Highly Recommended.”