Spring Cleaning

Are you worried about the stress of spring cleaning your home yourself, coupled with the confusion on how to get started? For most people, spring cleaning could be really tedious and overwhelming, from organizing your stuff to cleaning to detail. However, with the right help from a professional and experienced house cleaning service provider like we, Shiny Cleaners Australia, the burden can be lifted.

Its make your house look brilliant

Sometimes, we just cannot make the effort to very well clean our house on our very own. it can be that your children are on holiday and you have too much in your hands, or you could have back from a long vacation only to discover that your own home is in desperate need of a spring cleaning but your priority is to dive headfirst into the pile of work waiting at your table.

this is in which we step in with our spring cleaning offerings in Melbourne. At Shiny Cleaners, we provide you several bendy and versatile cleaning packages so that you can select one which suits your requirements the most. whilst some cleaning services in Melbourne will give your property an intensive deep smooth it desires after being locked up for several months, other plans are to just tidy up the residence and disinfect the several corners that might be breeding grounds for germs.

What is include?

We tackle every a part of your house with professionalism to ensure that we create a healthy and hygienic environment for you and your family. here are the services we provide:



  • Remove cobwebs

  • Dust skirting boards

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Dust heating/ cooling vents

  • Wipe window ledges

  • Clean mirrors

  • Vacuum and wipe inside all cupboards and wardrobes

  • Vacuum/ Mop floors

  • Empty Bins


  • Remove cobwebs

  • Dust skirting boards

  • Wipe window ledges

  • Scrub and disinfect toilet

  • Clean shower and scrub  grout

  • Clean bath

  • Clean vanity and basin

  • Wipe and clean cupboards and drawers

  • Dust shelves

  • Polish mirrors

  • Vacuum and mop floors


  • Clean Rangehood (exterior)
  • Clean Under of Rangehood
  • Clean All Bench tops
  • Clean Splash back
  • Clean/Polish Tapware
  • Scub Sink
  • Clean Outside of Microwave
  • Clean Outside of Oven
  • Clean Cupboards (exterior)
  • Dust All Surfaces


  • Light switches wipe
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Empty Bins
  • Dust skirting boards
  • Dust doors
  • Dust all reachable surfaces
  • Polish mirrors
  • Deodorise
  • Vacuum soft furnishing
  • Vacuum accessible areas under beds/couches/furniture
  • Dust blinds
  • Vacuum and clean visible window tracks/sills

Book Now, Pay Later

Bring in the experts


Shiny Cleaners gives complete Spring cleaning services in Melbourne. We absolutely specialize in in all phases of apartment cleanings, office cleanings and house cleanings.

most house owners really don’t have the time, supplies, equipment or the preference to clean, that is where we come in. absolutely organized from supplies, to equipment and the passion to clean, our cleaning groups of professionals will stay until the activity is done right the first time.

We always provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of our cleanings. We also offer the first-class premium services possible at a very reasonable price, it’s what we take satisfaction in.

All cleanings are insured and also include materials & equipment.

Any Questions?


 If you still have any questions regarding regular house cleaning, go to you contact us page.you can contact us via email, chat or phone.Our friendly team always there to help you.

If you need any other types of Genaral information you can hit on FAQ button down below.There are bunch of information for you. 

We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction


Your satisfaction is our goal. if you’re now not satisfied, we’ll work to make it right. Will send a team right again! Our friendly customer support are available through telephone & via e-mail 7 days a week.


Lawrence Junior


“We raised four kids with my wife in that rented apartment and by the look of the carpet and walls, everything was toxic.I never thought I could get my deposit back when we vacated the apartment.I could’t believe how much Shiny Cleaners would do the place.They left it sparkling clean, and I have my deepest back. These guys are superb and kudos to them to them.”

Diana Gee


“I would like to express my appreciation for this exceptional cleaning service.This guys were polite to my ever nagging kids, and the meticulously cleaned the old house.Thanks for this great cleaning service again and again.Highly Recommended.”